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NDG's residential house designs are diverse, interesting and cover a wide spectrum of design work experience. If you prefer a Bali tropical home, conventional Queenslander or a more up-market trend, there is no limit to their expertise.

If you are intending to design a new home or renovate, the Nova Group will ensure you get what you want all within your budget.

Their chosen photos display some of their creative variety, where you will see the finished perspective of your dream home before you spend a dollar to have it constructed.

The Nova team work with you each step of the process to ensure your needs are totally covered in the design process, thereby eliminating changes once construction is underway that can add thousands of dollars to your project.

All designs are carefully crafted to ensure building without waste that includes optimal use of floor plan space utilizing the benefits of light weight ecologically green-friendly materials.  Check the gallery for more images.

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Energy Efficient

NDG design buildings utilizing the benefits of eco-friendly materials, which also have high insulation properties together with the right building orientation to enable a structure to retain the warmth from the winter sun while deflecting heat in the summer.

At the same time, great care is given to ensure that natural light enters where it is needed thus providing comfort inside and a considerable saving in energy costs. These factors are very important when designing to help elevate the escalating cost of energy.

In working with the elements of a "green design concept" NDG incorporates energy efficient lighting throughout, gas hot water systems, solar panels, paint that reflects solar radiation and tinted glass windows.

Design Variations

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building a house

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From a Drawing Design Concept

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To a Finished Product

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